Program Features

  • Two years of in-depth exploration
  • Five residential retreats in the beautiful pastoral and contemplative grounds of Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT
  • Fifteen Saturday gatherings via video call
  • Monthly meetings with a Spiritual Guide
  • Self-designed Practicum

Program Strands

Through four strands of experiential learning, the Guild assists you to:

  • Sacred Love/LifeExplore your relationship with Divine Mystery, seeking guidance from ancient and modern mystics.
  • Sacred ConsciousnessDeepen your understanding of self and other through the lens of Carl Jung and depth psychology.
  • Sacred Earth/UniverseOpen to the evolutionary cosmology of Teilhard’s vision into the 21st century.
  • Sacred CommunityAcknowledge all interconnections.

Program Certificate

Apprentices receive a certificate of completion following the two-year program which can be used for college credit at a variety of institutions.

What’s Next?

Training in Our Apprenticeship Program Can Be Applied Towards:

  • Formal spiritual listening and sacred response either in an individual or group setting. In part, the AP provides you with a grounding in how to become a spiritual guide/ companion, as well as a discernment process on whether to pursue more formal spiritual guidance supervision.
  • Spiritual grounding for sacred activism within one’s local community, work or place of worship (e.g. community advocacy, non-profit capacity building, multi-faith engagement, and inter-spiritual exploration). The AP invites you into a discernment process opening your Spiritual Listening for a vocational call from the future. What will be you Sacred Response of service to our world?
  • The integration of spirituality within your current professional work (e.g.  therapist, pastoral counselor, social worker, medical professional, educator, business consultant, artist, body-oriented therapist/teacher, religious leader, and more).