The Guild for Spiritual Guidance is a uniquely designed program of spiritual formation and guidance that builds on decades of combined wisdom by those who practiced personal spiritual development, as well as, spirituality in action. 

 Founded 40 years ago by cutting edge thinkers, in order to make accessible the broad spiritual teachings of depth psychology, cosmology and a wide range of sacred writings, the Guild provides a safe and hospitable place for developing the kind of listening and responding that enables the on-going process of spiritual transformation.

The Guild for Spiritual Guidance offers a two-year program of spiritual formation study, a graduate community to continue spiritual formation and guidance practices, and a greater guild community that explores the newest cutting-edge work in the on-going process of spiritual evolution and its empowering energy to engage diverse community.  

The Guild for Spiritual Guidance is a community of spiritual questioners and explorers who are committed to supporting and challenging an individual’s unique wisdom and purpose in a broader universal context.  We join a legacy of spiritual and social justice risk takers.

  • We believe that the Spirit of the Universe, in all of its diversity, continues to speak; inviting individuals and societies into the ways of wholeness and interconnection that lead to greater well-being for all.   
  • We desire to explore ways of listening, recognizing, discerning, and responding to the Universal Spirit as it engages us from without and within.  
  • We celebrate the diversity of holy curiosity planted within each of us and commit to the creation of a safe, hospitable space where questions are honored and open exploration of spirit, science, society, and self is encouraged.  

Mission Statement

The Guild for Spiritual Guidance, a non-profit organization, equips seekers and leaders to explore new ways to whole-heartedly serve in diverse professions, spiritualities, places of worship, and local/global communities.  Acknowledging our interconnections and interdependence, we are committed to human being as a radically inclusive circle of trust.  ​Membership in the Guild is understood to involve a commitment to a sustained discipline in the life of the Spirit, including a lifelong pursuit of the inward journey and concerned response through sacred action in the world.