After completing the two-year Apprenticeship Program, The Guild for Spiritual Guidance offers graduates an opportunity for life-long involvement in the Graduate Circle. 

The Guild provides programs, activities, and resources to support and encourage spiritual practice and sacred activism in each one’s chosen arena of engagement. The Graduate Circle is a place for each person to deepen his or her engagement with the wisdom, practices, and the global vision presented during the Apprenticeship Program process. The Graduate Circle is an ongoing experience of community, unique to The Guild for Spiritual Guidance from among spiritual formation programs.

Committed to nurturing the individual’s call to social justice, ecological healing, and witnessing to the needs of the planet, in the context of intimate community, the Guild commits offering to the Graduate Circle:

  • A contemplative space for safely navigating the depths of the spirit in a circle of trust, care, and confidentiality
  • Gatherings for renewing and refreshing our four basic Guild strands
  • Support for individual spiritual practices and community action methods
  • A listening community in which to explore life’s most mysterious questions
  • Continual growth in contemplative practice and profound support for the call of each person’s specific ministry 
  • Opportunities to further the message, mission, and methods of the Guild by serving on work groups and planning events

If you have questions or would like to find out more about the Graduate Circle, please email
Sue Robinson: