Mark your Calendars for a Post-Covid Pilgrimage to Iona
August 12 – 21, 2022

With hopeful anticipation the Guild invites you to travel to Iona during heather blooming time in the summer of 2022!
​The agenda will include generous time for walking, pondering and paying attention to the changes and blooming in our lives. 

Your reservation can be held with a fully refundable (until December 2021)  $100 deposit.

Leaders:   The Rev. Cari Keith and Environmentalist, John Keith. 

Watch this website for more information as the months unfold! 

Invitation to Journey

And Moses said, ‘I must stop and see this thing…”  Exodus 3:3

Pausing to stop and pay attention; to be curious about what is before us; and to ponder the extraordinary in the ordinary is an ancient spiritual practice that transcends and unites religious practitioners of all faiths. The island of Iona, just off the coast of Scotland, has been inviting pilgrims to come, rest, ponder, and “practice the pause” for centuries. Well before the Irish monk Columba landed to develop a monastic community, Picts and Druids sought pausing and pondering time on the tiny island. It is a place that welcomes all prayers and spiritualities; all faiths and seekers; all questioners and doubters.  It is an island that invites the explorer to breathe deeply and consider the ground beneath their feet and all that swirls around them. As Mary Oliver reminds us, paying attention is the beginning of devotion…”  Pausing is the first step on the path to paying attention to all that is within and around us, in order to be more fully present to the relationships that nurture and nourish our lives.  Come, engage your holy curiosity!  Come, practice the pause with us!​


Is this place really nearer to God?
Is the wall thin between our whispers
And God’s listening?  I only know
The world grows less and less –
Here what matters is conquering the wind,
Coming home dryshod, getting the fire lit.
I am not sure whether there is no time here
Or more time, whether the light is stronger
Or just easier to see.  That is why
I keep returning, thirsty, to this place
That is older than my understanding,
Younger than my broken spirit.   

— Kenneth C Stevens

The Rev. Cari Keith is an experienced pilgrimage leader and passionate pilgrimage participant. She is an ordained Pastor and Spiritual Director in practice for over 25 years. She engages faith practice through a Jungian and Interfaith lens. Her educational background includes New Brunswick Seminary, the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, Hartford Seminary, and numerous, ongoing conferences and on-line classes. 
John Keith is an environmental expert who has traveled and hiked the world over studying global ecological issues. He is also an accomplished guitar and vocal musician in the American folk and spiritual music tradition.
For further information or questions please contact Cari Keith:  
Phone: 201-321-7216