The Guild is currently offering two opportunities for sacred travel in 2024.
Pilgrimages to Iona, Scotland in the spring and to Italy in the fall.

The Blossoming of Consciousness

Jean Gebser, Francis of Assisi and You
Under the Tuscan Sun
Italy Pilgrimage
September 20-30, 2024

    A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.  

                                                                                               Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.


Casentino Valley              Camaldoli Monastery in Poppi

Romena       La Verna                Arezzo

National Park of the Casentino Forests

Camaldoli Monastery & Hermitage

Florence:  Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, Museum of the Duomo 

Cosentino Valley

The Guild for Spiritual Guidance warmly extends an invitation to you – an invitation to embark on a transformative pilgrimage of exploration, one that weaves together the rich tapestry of evolutionary wisdom from ages past. It is our heartfelt belief that spirituality, psychology, and cosmology are intricately intertwined aspects of our existence, forging profound connections not only with the Divine but also with ourselves and with each other. Our purpose in crafting this pilgrimage is to facilitate the journey of translating this intellectual knowledge into lived experience.

Guided by the visionary insights of Jean Gebser, the pioneer of Integral Consciousness psychology, and drawing inspiration from the legacy of St. Francis of Assisi, as well as the timeless works of artists throughout history, we invite you to join us in cultivating a unique way of perceiving the world. This perspective will attune your senses to the subtle energies that interlace everything and everyone, revealing the divine presence that permeates both within us and among us. Gebser eloquently termed this profound understanding of life’s evolution and interconnectedness as “Integral Consciousness.” 

As the Tuscan sun gently caresses and soothes your body, we invite you to contemplate the marvels bestowed upon this land of spirit. Open your heart wide to the richness and diversity of interconnected life that this soil has nurtured for centuries. Allow your curious mind to wander through the ways in which the nature, poetry, art, and music of its people have nurtured and enriched the depths of the soul. In this journey, you will intimately experience Integral Consciousness and come to know the simple yet profound truth that Everything Is Sacred.

Will you join us on this extraordinary pilgrimage of heart and mind?

Cosentino Valley

Total Trip Cost:  $3,100 payable by check or PayPal/credit card.

Cost includes: 10 night lodging, all ground transportation, taxes, gratuities, 10 breakfasts, 5 full lunches and 5 full dinners, tickets to Uffizi, Duomo, Academia Museums

Cost Excludes: Airfare to and from Italy, lodging before or after the trip, personal travel insurance (strongly encouraged), snacks, alcohol, bottled water for walks, personal items (batteries, sundries, etc.), all meals not noted above.

Deposit information, Installment Schedule, Refund and Cancellation Policy can be found on the registration form.

The Blossoming of Human Consciousness Italy Pilgrimage

Payment in full. Please download and complete the pilgrimage registration form and mail it to The Guild for Spiritual Guidance, Attention: Surendra Shah, Treasurer PO Box 168 Lincoln, MA 01773 or email it to


The Blossoming of Human Consciousness Italy Pilgrimage Deposit Payment

After we receive your deposit and registration form, you will receive an email invoice from PayPal for three additional payments of $725 according to the schedule on the registration form. **PayPal option includes PayPal fees charged to the Guild**.


View from porch at Camaldoli Monastery

Pilgrimage Presenters

Denise Tangney, D.Min., has been a member of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance since 1998 and is the chair of the Guild’s Engaged Wisdom Program.  She is a retired school district administrator, has a masters in Transcultural Studies and holds a doctorate in Leadership from Graduate Theological. She is a certified educator for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Denise is passionate about the vision of Teilhard de Chardin, the quantum world, gardening, storytelling and bringing the Guild’s vision to the world.  She lives in Long Beach, NY with her husband Chris.

Francesca Maria Banci, MBA, CFP has been a member of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance since 2020.  She was born to an Italian mother and father and currently practices both the Catholic and Quaker faiths.  Francesca resides in both Santa Fe, New Mexico and Stia, Italy.  Still working as a Certified Financial Planner and investment advisor in America, she enjoys bringing the magic, mythic and mystical realities of Italian art and culture, language, and spiritual life to Americans.

Luke Healy is the co-founder of Integral Christian Network, an endeavor to help further the loving evolution of Christianity and the world. He is passionate about pioneering innovation in forms of spiritual community, in gathering like-minded and like-hearted pilgrims on the spiritual journey and making mystical experience of God accessible in individual and collective practice. Luke is an avid writer, podcaster and workshop facilitator.  Luke lives in Kansas City with his wife and two boys.

For more information about the pilgrimage please email

Pilgrimage to Iona
April 26 – May 5, 2024

There are still spaces available for this retreat!

What are you Seeing?  What Sees you?
The Integration and Interrelationship of Images that Heal

The American artist Georgia O’Keeffe often reminded her visitors that “it takes time to see… like a relationship takes time.”    We will journey to Iona with the intention of taking the time to see; to see in layers and to see in different ways.  We will pay attention to those images that invite healing and curiosity.   

You are invited to journey to the isle of Iona to immerse yourself in the art of seeing; seeing that is deeper than retina and lens.  Our journey will be supported by the landscape and hospitality of Iona, and guided by the shared wisdom of the group, the Celtic pilgrims Brigid and Columba, and early 20th century pilgrims Georgia O’Keeffe and John Muir, who reminds us that “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe” and “wherever we go in the mountains we find more than we seek.”