The Guild is currently offering two opportunities for sacred travel: one to Iona, and one to Switzerland.

Pilgrimage to Sacred Places in Switzerland
May 20-28, 2022

An Invitation by Penelope Yungblut    

Dear Guild members and those on an inward Journey,

It is my pleasure to invite you to join “Pilgrimage to Sacred Places,” an eight-day journey sponsored by the Guild. It will take place May 20-28, 2022.

Switzerland is a beautiful, spiritual, and multicultural country of mountain ranges and peaks, rivers and lakes, historic cities and towns, charming villages, churches and old monasteries, art and music, and four official languages. Switzerland’s spiritual dimension extends to its long tradition of political neutrality, non-violence, participatory democracy, and referendums on controversial issues.

We will stay in Zurich for the eight nights and have the opportunity to experience the city, its river and lake, churches and museums, restaurants and cafés. I will lead day trips to Rapperswil to walk along an historic section of the pilgrimage route known as el camino to Santiago de Compostela; to Einsiedeln to spend time with the beloved Black Madonna; to Lucerne to see a private collection of paintings by Picasso and Paul Klee, the life work of a woman who began collecting in her teens; to San Gallen to visit its renowned monastery library; and to the hermitage of Brother Klaus, Switzerland’s venerated mystic and visionary who saved the Swiss Confederation in 1481. We will close with a free day in Zurich, which allows us to attend a lecture on Jungian psychology, or pursue last minute shopping, sight-seeing, or rest in preparation for leaving the next day. In the evening, we will gather to enjoy a festive farewell dinner together.

I have chosen sacred places I love and find illuminating. If this pilgrimage evokes your curiosity and generates excitement, please join me for these eight days of exploration, reflection, and discovery in Switzerland. I look forward to your response.


Penelope Yungblut, Guild 1
Jungian Analyst trained in Zurich
Member of the Faculty, International School of Analytical Psychology, Zurich


Mark your Calendars for a Post-Covid Pilgrimage to Iona
August 12 – 21, 2022

Pilgrimage Invitation      

       This Pandemic year challenged all of us to change our routines and expectations.  For some, that meant isolation and more time for reading, movies, house organizing, hobbies, walking.  For some that meant, days of being ill and/or dealing with the fear and anxiety of becoming ill, or caring for a loved one who was ill or newly isolated in an elder care facility.  For some that meant learning to work alone from home or navigating an on-site job with new rules, regulations and protective gear.  For some it meant learning a lot of new technology in order to stay connected to worshipping communities, book groups, family and friends.   For all us, some change in what was once considered the routine day-to-day activity of life, needed to be re-negotiated and re-navigated.  For many of us there was little time to ponder the changes that were swirling around us as individuals, a nation, and a global community.  

     Pondering the changes, losses and revelations of this past year will be essential to our growth and well-being.  Paying attention to all that emerged in these months will help to guide us into new ways of being in community together.  This is not a time to long for a “return to normal” but a challenging opportunity to imagine moving into “a new normal.”    This call to new imagining, is a process that will take more than the next few months.  Just as it will take scientists years to gather the data that will lead to greater understanding of how viruses function, it will take the human psyche time as well, to process the changes being called forth.  

       You are invited to a time of pilgrimage; to a time of processing, holding and listening to all that bubbled up during this pandemic year and to what is yet to emerge.  You are invited to a place of pilgrimage; to a place that has been receptive to the human spiritual, meaning making quest for centuries; a place that invites the intention and attention needed to reveal where we are being called to extend ourselves and our thinking out into the world.   You are invited to an act of pilgrimage; to lay aside a need for answers, and allow curiosity, yes, even holy curiosity, to nurture and nourish your spirit.  Please plan to set aside time to join us on a Pilgrimage to Iona in the summer of 2022.  The hospitality of this wee island community will care for your physical needs, and the gifts of sea, sky, stone, and sun will nurture your spirit.