One of the most substantial gifts we can offer one another is the gift of prayer—expressing our need, joy, and gratitude with one another in the circle of sacred community.

Every week Guild members receive an email that includes prayer requests from the community. We ask that you keep these members’ requests in your thoughts and prayers.

Here are the basic guidelines…

  • Anyone may request prayer for themselves. If you wish to request prayer for someone else, please make sure that the person has granted you permission to share their name/concern with our community.
  • Confidentiality – a big bucket! All prayer concerns are not to be shared with anyone outside this circle, and should not be discussed among the circle unless an action i.e. meals, rides, etc. need to be arranged.
  •  All names/concerns will remain on the list for a period of 6 weeks unless you reach out again to request that the concern remains in our prayers.
  •  For the time being, all concerns currently on the list will remain for 6 weeks. If you wish to add/change/remove something please contact Susan Robinson