Remembering How to Be a People: Psychological Leadership to Form Conscious Communities

The culture wars are tearing us apart; the center cannot hold. It is so tempting to close the gate and lock the front door. Yet, we know the gate will not protect our garden from climate change and that we will need to leave our front door only too soon. What we don’t know is how to gather together to bridge our differences and to re-form a shared identity, our shared community.

It is time to remember how to be a people.

In this workshop, we will briefly discuss a developmental model rooted in the mystical vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Carl Jung that identifies the value and limitation of each primary worldview involved in the current culture wars. After this, we will set aside our well-developed capacity for thinking and begin exploring our embodied emotional experience and the way it can help us connect to one another. Using psychological practices, we will listen reflectively and work directly with body and feeling in order to experience psychological belonging. This sense of psychological belonging will help us form conscious groups, activate our natural leadership capacities, and remember how to be a people.

About the presenter, Peter T. Dunlap:

Peter T. Dunlap is a psychologist working in private and political practice in California. He follows Carl Jung’s vision of using psychology to transform political culture and integrates this vision with group practice and an emotion-focused approach to our individual and collective transformation. He is the author of Awakening Our Faith in the Future (Routledge), along with book chapters and journal papers focused on founding a distinctive Jungian political psychology. He is currently the chair of the clinical psychology PhD program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. He can be reached at:

January 22, 2022
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. EST
Via Zoom
The cost is $35