April 2024 – The American artist Georgia O’Keeffe often reminded her visitors that “it takes time to see… like a relationship takes time.”    We will journey to Iona with the intention of taking the time to see; to see in layers and to see in different ways.  We will pay attention to those images that invite healing and curiosity.   

You are invited to journey to the isle of Iona to immerse yourself in the art of seeing; seeing that is deeper than retina and lens.  Our journey will be supported by the landscape and hospitality of Iona, and guided by the shared wisdom of the group, the Celtic pilgrims Brigid and Columba, and early 20th century pilgrims Georgia O’Keeffe and John Muir, who reminds us that “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe” and “wherever we go in the mountains we find more than we seek.”

Pilgrimage Itinerary

April 26, 2024  

Gather at Glasgow airport and journey by private coach to Oban.
Overnight at the Columba Hotel in Oban.

April 27, 2024  

Journey by ferry and bus to the Island of Iona.
Settle into our accommodations at Bishop’s House, Iona.

April 28, 2024 through May 3, 2024     

Engaging the pilgrimage theme of Mindful Seeing. Together and in solitude we will pause to ponder the
integration and interrelationship of those images that catch our mind’s eye and are held out to us in landscape, dreams, story, and poetry.  We will hear the stories of Celtic Spirituality and the lives of people drawn to Iona.  We will hike mindfully across the beautiful isle, open to seeing all that calls to us and responds to our presence.  We will hold in our hands some of the world’s most ancient rock and beautiful Iona marble and serpentine. We will journey by small boat to the island of Staffa with its volcanic basalt columns and cave that inspired Mendelssohn.   We will pay attention to the images created by the songs we sing and music we hear.   We will join the Abbey Community in traditional worship and experience worshipping with non-traditional images, language and silence.  There will be ample free time for wandering in solitude and for sharing with community. 

May 4, 2024

Journey from Iona by bus across Mull and by ferry to Oban
Overnight at the Columba Hotel in Oban

May 5, 2024  

Return to Glasgow airport by private coach arriving by noon

Pilgrimage Leaders

The Rev. Cari Keith is an experienced pilgrimage leader and passionate pilgrimage participant. She is an ordained Pastor and Spiritual Director, currently serving as chair of the board of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance.  Cari engages faith practice through an integrated lens of depth psychology, interfaith spirituality, ecology and community.  Her educational background includes New Brunswick Seminary, the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, Hartford Seminary, and numerous conferences and classes. 

John Keith is an environmental expert who has traveled and hiked the world, working on environmental problems and studying global ecological issues. He is an accomplished guitar and vocal musician in the American folk and spiritual music tradition.  He currently is actively engaged with several environmental NGOs working on environmental challenges in poor countries as well as local environmental issues.

Pilgrimage Cost

Shared Room: $2500
Private Room: $3000

Includes all ground transportation in Scotland, taxes, gratuities, 7-nights on Iona, 2-nights in Oban, and 3 meals per day with the exclusion of 4 lunches.

Not covered in the pilgrimage cost:

Airfare to and from Scotland, lodging before or after the trip, personal travel insurance (strongly encouraged), meals and snacks not noted above, all alcohol, bottled water for walks, and personal items (batteries, gifts, sundries, etc.)  Additional gratuity for the Bishop’s House staff is most welcome. 

Pilgrimage:  An exterior journey, engaged with the intent of growing more aware, more conscious, more fully present to the divine mystery, the numinous, the presence of God and others in our lives.   Pilgrimage offers time, space, place, and opportunity to practice seeing.  It invites the pause that opens the heart to paying attention in ways that lead to broader and deeper seeing of all life and living.  Being fully present pulls us out of ourselves in ways that enable us to see and experience connections that previously appeared to be separations.  Rachel Carson writes: “Your mind is in its most supple, creative state when it is off leash…we need to create more off leash space….We have just filled every waking moment with stimulation and input, and you need time to digest, to [reflect], to think and create new thoughts…we need time to integrate those ideas into our larger narrative and – it is just such a great thing to create that space to think, [to reflect, to ponder].” 

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