Guild members and friends will delve into the natural cycles of the earth and our embedded experiences of them in a new  yearlong Engaged Wisdom program that will commence in January 2023.

Rewilding with Creation asks:

  • How do we participate in the natural cycles of the earth community?
  • How do we develop and support our capacities to co-create with the earth?
  • Is there one consciousness embedded in creation?
  • How do we relate to the synergy of the deep cycles of the earth?
  • How do we receive and celebrate that relatedness? 

The program covers four modules of three months each: 

Module I: Season of Dormancy to Quickening from January through March
The theme is what is stirring in the dark.

Module II: Season of Life Bursting Forth from April through June
The theme is emergence and new life rapidly becoming. Days are getting longer. We will look at what is emerging and help it to grow into the light. What are we encouraging and helping to support?

Module III: Season of Harvest from July through September
The theme is fullness and harvest: gathering, receiving,  and celebrating the fruits of creation, the manifestation of our works.

Module IV: Season of Preparation for the Dark – from October through December.
The theme is resiliency, preparing for the dormancy. Days are short. Participants will explore their local bioregion, journal their experiences with nature, and employ contemplative practices.

During each module, students will meet two times virtually for day-long sessions with the program leader. In addition, twice a month, student groups will gather to discuss, process, and share resources. Guild member, environmental educator, and longtime staff member with the Vermont Wilderness School Amy Hyatt will lead the program.

Registration information will be posted in the future.

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