Program: Pilgrimage for a Pandemic

Combining the Guild practice of circle sharing with the technology of Zoom, and the narratives of Boccaccio with the model of lectio divina, we are offering a program in which we will use storytelling, others’ and our own, as a way to process the experience of living during a time of pandemic. With the image of Boccaccio’s young storytellers wandering the countryside in mind, The Guild’s Sacred Travel Committee invites you to participate in an event inspired by the Decameron. While Boccaccio’s characters told stories as a way to avoid and escape the plague, we imagine an opportunity for Guild members to enter into the challenges of living in the time of Covid-19 through storytelling.

The Program will run on Wednesday evenings in October at 7:30PM

You can register here.

For more information contact Christina Carlson at

Program – Exploring the Labyrinth: Opening to Wisdom

A highway will be there, called the holy way … it is for those with a journey to make, and on it the redeemed will walk.

Isaiah 35:8,9

Do you find it difficult to sit still in silence or in prayer without your mind wandering all over the place?  Are you attracted to embodied spiritual disciplines where you pray using your body?  Are you drawn to the spiritual practice of pilgrimage?  Do you find yourself yearning for a way to be more centered during this time of uncertainty and unrest?  

Come explore the ancient spiritual practice of walking the labyrinth.  Labyrinths have been used for thousands of years by people around the world and in most religious traditions as aids in meditation and prayer.  Walking the winding path of the labyrinth is a metaphor for our spiritual journey.  This meditative walk can be a way to listen to your soul, to connect to the Divine within.  The sacred space of the labyrinth invites us to a place of healing, self-knowledge, discernment, and co-creation.

In our time together, we will look at the history of labyrinths found around the world and explore how walking the labyrinth can be a spiritual practice.  We’ll look at various ways to walk a labyrinth.  And, of course, we’ll walk the Wisdom House labyrinth.  There will be time for personal reflection and for the sharing of our experiences.

“Solvitur ambulando … It is solved by walking …”

St. Augustine

This program is presented in association with Wisdom House

September 22, 2020 from 9:30 – 11:30

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Program: Poetry 4 Kids

Exposure to free verse poetry offers an opportunity for children to address feelings of loneliness, anxiety, compassion, joy, inclusion, and hope. Along with the rhythm of words and a discussion of the content, children will be exposed to a meditative practice of art for expression. Creativity allows one to find their unique voice, listen deeply and experience their somatic wisdom. Featuring Newbury Award Winning Book Full Cicada Moon.

Join us via Zoom from 4-5:30 on 10/5, 10/13, 10/19, and 10/26.
The cost is $40; Donations are also accepted.
You can register here.
Any questions? Reach out to Denise Tangney at

Words of Wisdom for Uncertain Times

During this time of global crisis, we find ourselves feeling afraid and lost. Our hearts are heavy. We see people all around us suffering from grave illness, job loss, and hunger. We want to help, but we don’t know how. We wonder who will be next to receive bad news. Will it be our loved ones? Will it be us? 

The 14th century anchorite, Julian of Norwich reminded those living during the London plague, and reminds us today, to cling to this mantra:
“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”  

Julian is not suggesting that we hide our heads in the sand, she is reminding us of what we already know in our hearts, that we can trust in the great spirit mystery of the divine. 

The Persian poet and Sufi master Rumi offers these words of hope and instruction for times like these:

“This night will pass, then we have work to do. Everything has to do with loving and not loving…”

What then, is the work we are called to do as we wait for the passing of this pandemic night made more discomforting with its imposed isolation? Perhaps, as Rumi professes, our work is simply and profoundly to open the floodgates of our hearts and to allow love to rush forth for ourselves and for others—and to delight in the power and wonder of it!

The Guild for Spiritual Guidance reaches out with our hearts to hold, our hands to comfort, and our ears to listen to the wisdom of the universe and the new learning of this time. We wait together for the passing of this night. And as we wait, we pray that you, and all whom you care about, may know the blessings of patience, courage, and most of all, love. 

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well!


The Guild for Spiritual Guidance Expands its Collaborative Relationship with Wisdom House

The Guild is honored to respond to Wisdom House’s need for trained spiritual guides who would be willing to be available to the WH community, especially during this time of considerable stress due to the pandemic.   After a time of discernment, Wisdom House and The Guild created a pilot program, to begin in May, with four Guild Graduates who will offer their services to the WH community as needed.  After an initial 6-8 months, the program will be evaluated with the hope of expanding our services.  Members of the pilot program have had significant professional training in addition to their Apprenticeship Program and will be participating in peer supervision.  We are grateful for this opportunity to serve and ask for your on-going prayerful support.  

Pilot program members approved by the Board are:

  • Dianne Disston
  • Holly Moore
  • Cari Keith
  • Bernice Marie-Daly